Best NFT collections on BSV

NFT collections and single NFT have already a big advantage over other chains, these are fully on the blockchain and not like Coindesk describes in this article.

“It’s worth noting, however, that NFTs do not store the digital item they represent. Instead, they simply point to the file’s location which exists somewhere else on the internet.

Well Coindesk might not be informed of the progress done by BSV on the NFT scene. Let’s spread some information then!

First of all let me describe the situation of NFTs on BSV because it is very complex, there are multiple token protocols and a thriving competition between them.

BullishArt chose the Run Protocol and the Relayx marketplace and for this reason this will be about them.

But before we begin, there is a reason why we chose Run and Relayx, it is because these are tools anybody can use. Especially Relayx allows with ease to mint and sell NFTs without any type of censorship, a much better job than Opensea and other.

And of course, the fees! Fees on BSV are extremely low, in the order of 0.00001$ so minting a file on-chain would cost around 0.30$ for 1~2 MB and sending the token around much less than that.

Becuase of this, airdrop, multiple sending, are really easy to perform.

Back to the list, what are the best NFT collection on BSV?

This is our top 5:

  • Gopnik
  • Pixel Primates
  • Moody Headz
  • Homunculus
  • BullsArt

Let’s start with Gopnik: a slav collection of sitting squat gang members with a complex rarity traits and a vibrant community. 3000 Gopnik were minted and currently 467 owners exist.

Pixel Primates is the Cyberpunks of BSV but more beautiful. The collection is more tiny, around 2,240 Pixel Primates but these are extremely various and colorful. BullishArt purchased over 10 Pixel Primates in the top 150 rank for the Minerva DAO.

Moody Headz was the first generative art on Relayx and on BSV, the style is really unique and the collection only of 111 items. This is issued by BullishArt in collaboration with the Italian artist Matteo Cerri. Since Moody Headz was so early to be minted, at that time Relayx did not allow to make collection or to reveal the NFTs after selling. That’s why Moody Headz is not under collection tab but it is a collection of single NFTs.

Homunculus is a super tiny collection of 30 NFTs created by the Russian artist Ales Lyalush. This is the first art collection on Relayx and it is not generative art. BullishArt also created a virtual exhibition for Homunculus here

BullsArt is another generative art by BullishArt, the most vast at the moment, counting 1596 NFTs. The collection rotates around the Bull as a symbol of prosperity, potentiality through the history of art and the language of art.
BullsArt is also the most accessible collection, with a price of less than 5$ no matter the rarity. The collection is revelaed go grab some Bulls!

Another tiny collection is Human Error but nobody has grabbed it one yet!

Maybe some error? These are so beautiful indeed.

The rules of collection are very different than art, even NFT art.

We think users prefer:

  • Vast collection
  • Very simple
  • Extremely customized
  • Personified subjects

That is what we are working on for our next NFT collection~

If you want to suggest other NFT collection on BSV leave us some feedbacks




Art and more on BitCoin

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Art and more on BitCoin

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