Homunculus Rarity

5 min readJan 22, 2022


It is not an easy task to describe rarity within a collection when every artwork is unique as in the Homunculus.

Homunculus, Latin word for small man, it is a collection by Ales Lyalush. It is a collection of 30 figures and a Dream Cube.

This is not generative art, this is unique human-made art, however in the NFT world rarity charts are rather important, so we will try giving here a rarity explanation of the already unique Homunculus.

Looking at the complete series here: https://bullishart.com/2021/12/11/homunculus/ you will notice several patterns and human motions, interactions that resemble a lot life attitudes.

Our curators perceive the Dream Cube as life itself and the attitude toward it, as the attitude toward life. However this was not confirmed by the artist himself.

Let’s look at the different attitudes then:

Carrying around

These 4 homunculus are carrying it in different style, note how each is doing in a different way.

Walking Toward It

These 5 Homunculus are walking in different styles toward it. If you look carefully, some is like pretending not doing it, other is more clearly trying to get with both hands and there is one who is also kicking it by mistake while approaching it.

Standing on top

This is a unique style, he is standing on top and even pointing at it. What powerful life attitude this Homunculus has got!

Notice that the Artist uses this tecnique of motion in the head in this case to give dynamism to the still image. The Homunculus is both watching at someone and at the dream cube.

Looking at it

These 3 Homunculus are looking at the dream cube, they do all in different ways and the dream cube too appear different, when you hold it, it suddenly smaller.

Touching Inside

This unique Homunculus is finding what’s inside the dream cube.


This unique Homunculus is lost in thoughts. This also share the sitting trait.

Crashing it

This unique Homunculus let the dream cube falls.

Meeting Someone

This super rare Homunculus, met a surprise in the dream cube. A child.

Is this going to be in every dream cube?

Our guess is not, if the dream cube is life then life does not reward everyone with the same life… but who knows?


These 2 Homunculus are furious! Why are they mad and to who they get angry? One is poiting at the sky… and the other horizontally to who is next.

Sounds familiar…

Carrying on the back

These 5 Homunculus are carrying on their back the dream cube.

Touching it

This unique Homunculus is just touching with a finger and not really getting anymore close. Maybe he is afraid of the dream cube.

Taking it

This position is also unique, this Homunculus is taking the dream cube from the ground.


This unique Homunculus is holding with both hands in a position that looks like he is full of admiration.

Showing Off

Another unique style, he is raising his left hand to call attention while showing off his yellow dream cube.


This is quite rare, we like to think he is a zombie, because he walks like a zombie and his eyes are not interacting with neither the dream cube or anyone.

Like going on while ignoring life.

Other details

Colors are a key component as well, it is a mystery why some dream cubes are red, yellow or any of the other colors. Sometimes the eyes color of the Homunculus match the dream cube.


We hope you enjoyed to observe and reflect together on the Homunculus.

It is remarkable how art can express so much in little gestures and details. The way we read the Homunculus is ours and not affiliated with the artist.

First of all our aim is to let you take a look carefully at them and reflect on how art works. This is human art, not generative computer algorithm combined.

If you would like to collect some Homunculus click here