Meet the Puggos and the team behind

3 min readFeb 3, 2022


Few days left for the Puggo Sapiens mint drop and we are truly excited!

Puggo Sapiens is the most ambitious project ever made by BullishArt.
The creators, designers and curators have worked tirelessly for the last 6 months for this moment.

Before we introduce in deep the collection, let us introduce you the location where Puggos are taking a nap on the Doghouse here:

This is also the link to follow for the mint in the coming days. In the link you will be able to purchase the Puggos.

Who is the team behind Puggo Sapiens?

We are competent and dedicated senior web/visual designers from San Diego, California with over 20 years each of professional design experience.

We met about 10 years ago at a shared design job and have been friends and working creatively together on design and music since.

BullishArt and the designers have worked together to bring you Puggo in the most fair way. The collection will be minted in few days (date and time to be announced) and you will be able to collect the doghouse, while the actual Puggo will be revealed later. This is important to give fair distribution.

Why on BSV?

We chose BitcoinSV as our platform because it is the only blockchain where artists can mint NFTs at a low cost and most importantly the artworks files are actually uploaded onto the blockchain. As artists we love originality and the passion that goes into each artwork. We think that it’s very important that the artwork themselves goes on-chain and time stamped.

How did you come up with the idea for Puggo Sapiens?

We are both dog lovers and animal lovers in general; when we brainstormed for the idea to create an NFT collection it seemed like a dog was a no-brainer. We chose the pug because we felt it had the perfect personality for the overall tone of the character we wanted to make. We drew the first Puggo and began incorporating human characteristics. It was immediately apparent to us how funny and cool it was, so we embraced the humor aspect of it.

The concept of Puggo Sapiens is that “What if there was a parallel universe where the world was the same, but instead of humans, the puggos are the dominant lifeform?”

This question raised infinitely more unanswerable questions and we found that this paradox added great comedic/humorous value to the collection.

We wanted to create artwork that would make people smile at the very least. And what is more charming than a pug dressed in human clothes?

What makes Puggo Sapiens different?

We feel that Puggo Sapiens are different because the style of them is rooted somewhere between cartoonishness and realism.

We wanted to create a large variety of clothing, headwear, eyewear, and even tattoos and piercings so that each Puggo character would be styled noticeably different from the next.

Why should collectors get a Puggo Sapien?

NFT collectors should get a Puggo Sapien because they are incredibly unique. With the vast array of over 500 unique traits, every Puggo is truly rare and special, and someone finding a unique Puggo that resonates with them on a personal level is priceless!

How would you like the collection to develop?

We have plans to create and mint new, one-off Puggo characters based on pop culture characters.

This new collection of NFTs would serve as giveaways exclusively to members of the Puggo Sapiens community. We will also be asking our community to vote on merch designs that we will produce and also raffle off to holders.

In addition, we plan to donate 10% of annual royalties to selected dog rescue organizations.