Minerva Vault

The Minerva Vault is currently the key project of our DAO. It consists in purchasing and storing NFTs for our members.

Minerva will purchase valuable NFTs and safely store in the Vault, if some of these NFTs will be sold in the future, the members will get a share proportioned to their stake of Minerva (MNV) tokens.

The Minerva MNV token

We are working to enable members voting and once ready, this mechanism will allow members to take part in various decisions:

  • Which Blue-chip NFTs to collect
  • When to sell and at what price
  • Other inner related Vault’s operations
  • Using NFTs as collateral for Vault loans
  • Renting out NFTs for games, meta-verse spaces, exhibitions.

Our team and the DAO members will keep discovering new use cases to implement.

The Vault is very important because it represents the members achievements in the NFT ecosystem.




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Art and more on BitCoin

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