Puggo Sapiens Drop!

We got a date! 8 Feb 2022 7 pm US Pacific Time

On the date you will be able getting your Puggo by purchasing a doghouse here: https://relayx.com/market/8484d4ebc38cbcb305e9dcb03477abf1907381e5509269646864fa30990001a3_o2

Why are you buying a doghouse and not a Puggo directly?

The reason is simple: it is a way to do a fair distribution of the Puggos.

Since everybody does not know which doghouse represent which Puggo, collectors will purchase randomly hoping to get the most fancy Puggo!

However do not worry, every Puggo is amazing, there are no “common Puggos” in the collection.

Participate in sharing win 1 BSV

Retwet this link, follow Puggo Sapiens and tag 3 friends for winning 1 BSV until the drop.




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