Twitter Spaces, Community and on boarding Artists

This week has been really active for BullishArt!

A brief summary:

  • We announced our next most important collection Puggo Sapiens
  • Our founder Francesco has attended so many Twitter Spaces to introduce BullishArt
  • We got many new artists! (launching in the weekend)
  • We promoted Lucho Art collection “The People NFT” with great result!
  • We sold so many NFTs ! Thank you the collectors~
  • We learnt a lot and make so many new connections!

Puggo Sapiens

We cannot be more excited to bring Puggo to you. A 4,000 unique NFTs collection, not “generative art” but rather uniquely designed by a team of professional designers in collaboration with BullishArt.

We have just showed the Puggos to the community and the feedback was really fantastic!

We will announce the mint and give all collectors fair access to the Puggos. Keep an eye on our Twitter and newsletter.

Twitter Spaces

Last week, we were so active on the spaces and it was such an amazing experience. We made so many new friends and connections, a lot of artists showed appreciation for our founder introduction about art curation and also technical explanation about the difference between minting on Opensea VS BitCoin SV.

Francesco is an extremely sociable person and he loves talking to people. Our presence on the spaces will be mostly carried out by him, but for other languages our artists and curators will begin different spaces in other languages such as Italian, Spanish, Portoguese and others.

The spaces are a game changer for the interaction, they empower all of us to talk and to let the world hear what we have to say.

BullishArt is also planning to launch our own space and this is coming soon.

We want to thank every space that has been so welcoming, friendly (it is not always like that ^^) especially the users Nathan, Samyoart, Tyler, Sammy.

There are spaces where you feel you are in a kind of wolf cave, where people are very attached to their view, and other spaces where there is so much love, so much wish to learn and to support. We love the second type of spaces and will keep promoting you guys that bring light to the community.

New Artists

Thanks to the boost in activity plus the normal promotion, we are launching new artists on BitCoin. Just the time to prepare their profiles, to set things beautifully for collectors.

BullishArt is not a conventional platform, we are humans, we talk to the artists, we get to know who is behind the art and so on boarding an artist is a journey that is about knowing our intensions and our dreams.

The People NFTs

We are all part of a huge family on BitCoin. That is our message in promoting Lucho’s art “The People NFT”, despite not being one of our artist.

Lucho made a beautiful, simple and most important created one by one without any generative algorithm, human collection.

It was sold out within 24 hours and the floor price is currently 8 times higher.

BullishArt got over 32 NFTs from this collection, and within them 2 have been rewarded to two winners of a retweet context.

The People NFT… made us realize about something, NFT is just an acronym but what is really NFT? From a technologic point of view, we like to say it is the way you own anything on the blockchain, it is really the human technology, the technology of the people, because it empowers us.

Many people do not grasp the NFT yet, but just invite anyone thinking how revolutionary is to be able using a shared archive and being able to write on it your creation, to sell them to new owners, while using the same archive.

This is a real revolution! (but be careful, use the blockchain that empowers you fully)


A very important if not the most important aspect. We are selling our artists NFTs. At the end of the day, this is our goal.

You can see how grateful artists are when you reach them telling their NFTs sold out, especially those that were minted some time ago, at the end they sell out.

As BullishArt gains authority on the space by being recognized as an honest, valuable and community engaging player, every BullishArt artists will benefit from it.

Since it is nice to show off what we sold out, our devs are building a page on our site where every sold out NFT will be listed with a link to secondary market.

We are learning a lot!

Thank you everyone, it is amazing to be part of this new economy, as the title say we are learning a lot from artists, collectors, competitors and everything is extremely valuable for our next feature.

Thank you and see you next Saturday!



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